Writing Challenge Update – 2

At 9,000 words, I am far behind the ambitious goal of writing 1,300 words per day for the November writing challenge. But there have been some amazing discoveries so far. First, many good ideas can get buried by procrastination and over thinking. Often, the freshest and most original material comes in flashes and needs to be acted upon at that instant. The more a writer thinks of an idea before running with it, the more pedestrian the idea can become. Second, the mood and direction of a story can be directly proportional to the mood and health of a writer. Sadness and illness can drag a plot and characters down into an abyss, which must be dealt with sooner or later. Revisions, revisions. Writing is a wonderful but strange and inscrutable art.


About Til Turner

Til is a writer, artist, and musician living in the Shenandoah Valley. He is an associate professor in the Languages and Literature Division at Northern Virginia Community College and is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Art with an MFA in Creative Writing. Til has published poems online, has written a teacher's handbook on ESL writing, and he has recently completed his second novel for young readers. Please feel free to visit his instructional website at www.EnglishIsKillingMe.com.
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