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Street at the End of Time

Photo courtesy of marcolm at After she vanished, I felt the weight of isolation and the bitter irony of birds singing as tears streamed down my face. Vonnegut would have understood – “and so it goes.” The stones were … Continue reading

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Six-Word Stories #3

Different moods. Hope you like them. _______________________________________ “Wow! You’re pregnant!” “No, I’m not.” “Where are your parents, Lizzie?” “Hiding.” Lost: woman’s wedding ring. Never worn. “So, this button does what?” KAAABOOOOOM!!! _______________________________________ Also, check out what kcrawford is writing. Bloggers! … Continue reading

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Lovecraft Homage – flash story

Well, well. You just never know where a surge of inspiration will originate, perhaps while organizing one’s library. Hadn’t thought of the wonderful stories of H.P Lovecraft for some time, but unpacking an old edition of At the Mountains of … Continue reading

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The Forest Girl – finale

In the last installment Lisa and Lance sought refuge at Lance’s house after fleeing from Cerridwen’s violent transformation. Then Lisa returned home. What will the two discover when they meet up the following day and return to Cerridwen’s home? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

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