The Vermont Adventure – day five

Pictured is a church tucked away in downtown Montpelier.


Today started early with laundry – ho hum. A combination of graduating student lectures and reading occurred throughout the day into the evening. There was some very strong work spanning numerous genres. Late tonight is a special event that will remain a mystery to non-VCFA readers.

Tomorrow, all students have to submit their list of faculty preferences, and will learn who their faulty advisors will be for the next six months. Again, I strongly recommend this school for anyone serious about improving his or her creative writing.

About Til Turner

Til is a writer, artist, and musician living in the Shenandoah Valley. He is an associate professor in the Language Arts and Social Sciences division at Northern Virginia Community College and is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Art with an MFA in Creative Writing. Til has published poetry online and is currently trying to publish a middle-grade fantasy/adventure novel. Please feel free to visit his instructional website at
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