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The Aching Moon

All I remember is two other brothers and I returning to the abbey late at night, chilled and hungry. Our ministrations in the plague-ridden village had offered little to those poor wretches writhing in pain. Brother Alwin was the first … Continue reading

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My Undine

My alchemy is lost. I cry out in vain for the fairest soul I have ever known, who inspired when all else shackled me to the abyss where hopelessness and deceit lie side by side. She rose from this shadowed … Continue reading

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I have seen this couple many, many times. I want to call out. Be heard. Be acknowledged. Most of all…loved …touched. I never say a word, only hide. Would they be horrified? Would they accept me for what I am, … Continue reading

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Thumbs up for Sucker Punch

Well, I cannot agree with reviewers that have all but panned ‘Sucker Punch’. One reviewer was completely bewildered by the shift in localities; another called the movie “pornographic”. Let me set something straight: ‘Sucker Punch’ is a very imaginative thrill. … Continue reading

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