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Poor Eddie

An introduction for children on the perils of the writing life.   On a bitterly cold January 19 in 1809, little Edgar Poe was born into a new and troubling world. His parents were poor stage actors. When Edgar turned … Continue reading

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Rural GPS

Wife: Honey please pull over and ask for directions. Husband: No, no, no Google will locate Kim’s house. I just need to reenter the address.  Wife: You’ve tried that three times already. There’s no cell service out here. Just ask … Continue reading

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Six-Word Stories #3

Different moods. Hope you like them. _______________________________________ “Wow! You’re pregnant!” “No, I’m not.” “Where are your parents, Lizzie?” “Hiding.” Lost: woman’s wedding ring. Never worn. “So, this button does what?” KAAABOOOOOM!!! _______________________________________ Also, check out what kcrawford is writing. Bloggers! … Continue reading

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Charlie, Charlie

A little tongue-in-cheek story. ______________________________________ Foyer of a dark abandoned house at night. Wind howls outside. A sheet of notebook paper lies in the middle of the dusty floor encircled by candles. Two pencils lie across one another, the one … Continue reading

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Smells Like Independence

Today, July 4, America celebrates its separation from the country it admires the most. Separating ourselves from a schoolroom culture in favor of one focused on the school yard has had its advantages, I guess.  It’s as if we became … Continue reading

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